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Dynamic Antigravity Postural System is one of the best non-invasive therapies to help treat back pains and poor posture as it effectively allows a patient to “re-program” their posture as well as re-educate the way in which they walk.


VISS (Vibration Sound System) is a globally recognized piece of physiotherapy equipment that applies localised pressure to receptors near the muscles and tendons, thus allowing to restore neuromuscular balance and muscle tone.

Triple Laser Therapy

Triple laser therapy is the most powerful laser therapy in the world and has quickly become the standard of care in relieving acute and chronic pain. This technology has an effectiveness rate of 85% - 90% in reducing pain and inflammation, eliminates the risk of surgery and has no negative side effects.


Kinetotherapy defines the field that studies the neuromuscular and articular mechanisms of the human body.



Unique technologies.

At CORP MED, you will find some of the newest technlogies in postural and locomotor rehabilitation. We are the only provider of S.P.A.D. therapies in eastern Europe, and our Triple Laser HiToP and Viss One Evolution are some of the only therapies in Romania.

Professional Staff.

Our therapists have a unique attention in their application of treatments, which couples with state of the art technologies provide incredble results. Patients recovery is the primary aim for our entire Corp Med team.


Due to restrictons imposed by Covid-19, our parents can benefit from consultations and clinical evaluatons from Dr. Prof. Raoul Saffini through high-performance equipment in our telemedicine room.

Holistic Rehabilitation.

CORP MED has a long term vision for the wellbeing of all our patients.